The Team Our team of stars!


Keyur Shah

Founder & Marketeer

Well, he is a crazy guy with a lot of ideas storming around! He started his journey very early with a tech forum - SysHacks and a viral social media fanpage - GujjuTips. Interested in tech earlier, he now takes care of the business side of different ventures. This company is his brick to an enrerprenerial skyscaper he dreams of - every night!


Zubin Sheth

Social Marketeer

Zubin, popularly known as the little master in the circle is an expert web marketeer. He has played a crucial role in the success of GujjuTips and also heads the PR for Lucideus Tech. Pursuing Engineering in Computer Science, he also codes and codes secure. Cyber Security is next on his checklist!


Tanushree Shenvi

Business Development

She maybe soft and subtle, but knows how to expand and manage SkyTMS. Being a student of MBA (Tech) at NMIMS University, Mumbai, she is well acquainted with business and technology aspect of a product. Apart from the business aspect, she codes, designs and writes content for our clients.


Karan Desai

The Tech Guy & all round good guy!

There is nothing in the field of technology, this guy falls behind on. If by chance he does, he makes sure that changes by the next day! He creates amazing websites, mobile applications and even has a good hand at graphics. Apart from the geeky stuff, what interests him is food (he is our best bet at Hog-a-Thon competitions!)


Vivek Agarwal


Vivek loves to play around with different Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, OpenCart and creates awesome dynamic solutions for our clients. The saying - "Cricket is a religion and Sachin is God" holds true for him! Other hobbies include watching movies and cooking.


Mayank Asthana

Tech Zombie

Popularly known as Zombie amongst his friends, he is known for showing no expressions or feelings. Jokes apart, Mayank is a tech enthusiast and loves experimenting with new technologies. His favorite passtime would be researching about the newest innovations and surfing 9gag!