About Us What & who makes us tick!

How It All Began

There was a marketing ninja with a bunch of ideas, a social media dude, a girl master of all trades, three geeky developers and an awesome designer. Why not turn them into a team running a company? This is how Sky Tech and Media Solutions kickstarted!

Sky TMS was created to shelter fresh talent and build my own dream project - Sky. Keyur Shah was stepping into his new entrepreneur shoes and working towards a bigger picture. He planned to work out on his area of expertise and decided on which other service areas could the group excel in, gathered a group of skilled friends and thats how it all began!

Our Philosophy

  • ✓ Blue-print an idea
  • ✓ Develop with the best of your ability and skillset. Stretch that limit.
  • ✓ Deliver product in time.
  • ✓ In the end, you should be happy and satisfied.
  • ✓ Check, Update and Reorganize product even in the post production stage. (That’s where we differ and are preferred)

Highly Recommended What our customers have to say

"You guys are doing a great job, keep it up!"

Saket Modi / CEO, Lucideus Tech

"They are the most amazing lot of social media marketers we have come across"

Abhishek Jain / Director, Cineman Productions

"The website developed was as required and delivered on time!"

Rajni Dwivedi / CEO, Gyandhara Online